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The Greenway


What is Greenway?

The Greenway. Discovering ancient paths, dismissed railways, natural paths, country ways where walkers, bikers  and horse riders can meet  wild nature inside an historical and naturalist contest typical of Italy.

In Umbria region, traditionally land of Saints, pilgrims and walkers, including Terni and Perugia Provinces, the Greenway of Nera river park starts at the Stroncone fields, runs along the amazing  coast of Piediluco Lake, till Monteleone di Spoleto , Cascia, Norcia and then Borgo Cerreto e Piedipaterno beside Valnerina, Sant’Anatolia di Narco, Scheggino, Arrone, Ferentillo. Medieval towns where the Nera river , reaching the Velino river, converts to Marmore Falls, the most spectacular ones in Europe.